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LASELEC wiring system

LASELEC Electronic wiring system

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Electronic wiring system scalable, modular and flexible, can improve the productivity of the cable, especially for the many varieties of small batch wiring, with excellent quality control module, with Chinese man-machine interface, easy to use.
Product features:
Wiring paths can be generated automatically from design drawings
You can instantly modify, deploy harness design
Reduce the operation time of wiring technician
Support PDF, photos and video formats and other supporting documents
The interactive information window is smooth and solid, optimizes the workshop space, the centralized data tube

Compared to the traditional wire, this system has the advantage of:
Computer aided production process (indented)
Dynamic software display
New products can be quickly put into production
Wire harness modification
Reduce the training time of the bu (BU) line
With the help of a removable support device, the workbench can be reconfigured quickly
Real time monitoring of production and process quality control

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