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1553B Data bus tester

DBS-5100 portable 1553B bus automatic tester

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Portable 1553B tester can be used to detect and isolate all common cable faults on the main bus and test pins. At the same time, the device can also be used to measure the access loss, thereby reducing the time required to detect a complete system. The tester has a red / green LED indication of open circuit, short circuit, crossover and short / normal state of the shielding / protection system. LCD shows the dB access loss between any two test ends.
The 1553B data bus can be marked by the memory of the device, which allows the user to complete the system monitoring, and regular preventive maintenance of the system. The tester's rugged construction and ultra light weight make it an ideal choice for individual general testing, a portable design that allows users to detect the objects around them. As a testing tool, the 1553B bus tester can be used for preventive maintenance, which is realized by backing up the measurement of the loss of the aircraft bus system.



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