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Think tank selection of the world's top two military giants can squeeze into the top ten

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Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, Sweden (SIPRI) 5 released the annual list of the world's top 2015 military industry. According to the list, the world's 100 largest arms production and military service company sales fell for the fifth consecutive year, but Western Europe and Russia are on the rise. Although Chinese companies failed to list, but is considered to have at least two military enterprises have the strength to squeeze into the top ten. SIPRI's report that the future of international trade in arms or decline in the trend of the reversal.

U.S. and European business sales shift"

SIPRI announced the official website 5 news release said the global military enterprises, the American enterprise although sales declined slightly, but still maintain the first Western and Russian companies to increase sales. The report said that in 2015 of the year, the world's 100 largest arms production and military services, arms sales totaled $370 billion 700 million.

Reported that the United States continues to occupy an important position in the list of hundred companies, its total sales reached $209 billion 700 million. Compared with 2014, the United States in 2015, the top 100 U.S. arms exports fell by 2.9%, which is the lowest in the past fifth years. U.S. arms sales by the United States to reduce military spending, the main weapons system delays and the value of the dollar, which has a negative impact on arms exports. However, Lockheed Martin remains the world's number one weapon producer, Boeing ranked second.

Compared to 2014, Western European business sales increased by 6.6%, arms sales reached $95 billion 700 million. Reported that the total sales of 6 French companies reached $21 billion 400 million, an increase of 13.1% over 2014. The bulk of arms exports in 2015, such as exports to Egypt and Qatar, have increased sales of French arms companies. The Dassault group is 67.5% huge growth.

11 Russian companies to enter the top 100 list, its total sales reached $30 billion 100 million, accounting for 8.1% of total sales in 2015, a total of 100%, compared with an increase of 6.2% in 2014. Among them, the air defense missile company is still Russia's big money. Diamond Aetna ranked thirteenth. Overall, Russia Company's ranking is lower than in 2014. United Airlines manufacturing group did not keep the 14 in 2014, ranked seventeenth this year. Russian joint shipbuilding company fell from 15 to 19, the Russian helicopter company fell from 24 to 25.

China's two giants can squeeze into the top ten

In Asia, Japan, South Korea, India, Israel and other countries have companies to enter the list. South Korea's military enterprises is undoubtedly a dark horse. Korea Companies's sales increased by 31.7%, the report said. "All of the Korea Companies's sales in 2015 have increased, reflecting their ability to meet the needs of the Korean army and the momentum in the international market." Compared with 2014, India's sales increased by 9.3%.

The absence of Chinese military enterprises shortlisted hundred list, but not because of the low sales of Chinese military enterprises. "Global Times" reporter from the official website of SIPRI on the text of the report stressed that due to lack of sufficient data for SIPRI reliable assessment of the China arms trade, so Chinese enterprises did not appear in the list of top 100 military. However, the report said that some of the 10 major Chinese state-owned joint companies to use, these companies are the backbone of China's military industry. Based on the description of the industry as a whole, as well as limited information on some of the company's assessment, at least 9 of them almost certainly be able to enter the top 100 list. Among them, there are 4 to 6 companies are likely to enter the list of the top 20, including the two companies (including aircraft manufacturer AVIC group and the ground system manufacturer northern industries) may be able to squeeze into the top 10. The report said that between 2000 and 2015, China's military spending grew by more than 5 times, and China is committed to developing its own military industry. In addition, China's arms exports have increased substantially over the past 10 years.

World arms trade or usher in new growth

According to reports, SIPRI weapons industry database was founded in 1989. From 1990 onwards, SIPRI has announced the arms trade data the world's 100 largest producer of weapons, arms trading is defined as the sale of military goods and services to military customers, including domestic and foreign users to users. SIPRI's press release said sales of arms and military service companies in the top 100 list have fallen for 5 consecutive years. However, only 2015 percentage points decline in the year, this slight decline may signal a signal that the international arms market has been falling since 2011 may be reversed.

Chinese experts said the United States to a large extent affected the trend of world arms trade. U.S. military is the world's first military spending side, the U.S. defense companies accounted for nearly 6 of total sales accounted for 100% of the total sales. A few years ago, the world arms trade volume decreased with the United States military withdrawal from Afghanistan and Iraq, reduce a great relationship, Trump is known as the "rearmament" of U.S. Army fire are likely to hit record highs in leveraging the trade volume. And the move could trigger a chain reaction around the world.



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