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China Aerospace Science and technology group, a hospital: space shuttle car will add new

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China Aerospace Science and technology group, a hospital: space shuttle car will add new China News Agency, Zhuhai, October 29 (reporter Zhang Su) the Eleventh China International Aviation and aerospace Expo will be held in Zhuhai. Reporter 29, learned from the China Aerospace Science and technology group, was described as a space shuttle car expedition above level will add new.

The upper level is a space vehicle that is capable of independently flying at the base level of the rocket. After the rocket is transported to a certain orbit, the spacecraft can fly autonomously and start firing many times.

According to reports, expedition one level above the series including "expedition one" and "expedition one armour", can be used with a 3.35 meter diameter rocket series combination, orbit and high low earth orbit in direct orbit, satellite launch, orbit deployment of various tasks.

July 25, 2015, long march three B / expedition one launch vehicle in Xichang Satellite Launch Center ignition. After about 3.5 hours after the flight, expedition one above the level of the exact orbit of the two satellites into orbit.

Expedition one a 20 start and the ability to work in orbit for two days. June 2016, expedition one a successful completion of the first flight test, the load will be sent to a variety of different needs of different tracks, with the ability to deploy heterogeneous orbital constellation.

Deputy minister, Ministry of China aerospace hospital of Aerospace Science and Technology Group Long March seven first flight load combination administration head Tang Yagang said, "expedition one a total of 44 hours of flight, 29 laps around the earth, the spacecraft is China first fully autonomous flight. "Through the flight results analysis is perfect, all load verification purposes are achieved." He said.

Tang Yagang told the News Agency reporter, "in accordance with the design scheme of expedition one a" state, in accordance with the requirements of follow-up can be "passengers" further improvements, such as longer on orbit or higher orbit height, but there is no further flight plan".

The reporter understands, "expedition family" is new "expedition two" and "expedition one also has two start and 7 hours in orbit, and is mainly used to carry out the track and high in low earth orbit Long March five rocket series combined direct orbit, satellite launch mission.



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