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Do not underestimate the Chinese military in these areas we are far ahead

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In recent years, China's development has been very good, as the Chinese people feel very proud of small series, but because of the development of China's military industry has not been very good.

Even in the last century in 90s, China military industrial manufacturing weapons are still mostly Soviet imitation version or modified version, so there are a lot of people think the military is short board China, but today Xiaobian to tell you, this idea is wrong.

Although China's military suffered setbacks, but China has never put down the importance of the military industry, in 90s, China has adjusted the administrative position of the military industry, more attention to the industry than in the past.

In the field of missiles, China is one of the few countries in the world that can produce all kinds of missiles. China initially started with Soviet technology, after 80s to absorb France, Israel and Russia and other countries, currently in the field of ballistic missiles, cruise missiles and ground to air missiles in the world class status.

In the field of ballistic missiles, China is developing a stronger modern long-range ballistic missiles, and hope that combat and defense capabilities to a higher level.

Following the deployment of mobile vehicles in 2006 solid fuel missile Dongfeng -31, in 2007 and deployed a further range of Dongfeng -31A missiles.

In the field of aircraft, after the 80s -90 years of development. China launched the independent design and manufacture of F -10, FC-1 Xiaolong and JH -7 fighter.

The performance of the -10 is similar to F-16 in the United States, "thunder" is a light fighter low price. It is said that Pakistan had ordered 150 models, but the ability to perform the contract is still in a delicate stage. In addition, in 2011, the outside world also found that China's R & D -15 fighter aircraft prototype, the project has progressed to a considerable stage.

Shipbuilding industry is a top student in China's military industry. In recent years, gradually build the international level of destroyers, frigates and submarines, including "brigade", "ocean journey" and "delta brigade" class destroyer, "Jiang Kai" class frigates, "song", "Yuan" and "business class conventional submarines," and "Jin" nuclear submarine.

Especially the song class conventional submarine has excellent quiet, good performance of the hull is coated with rubber tile. In addition, shipbuilding experts believe that China's ship design capabilities are world-class.

China is still promoting the integration of military and civilian industries. For example, the difference in the types of civil and military aspects of technology transports, bombers and multi-purpose helicopters and small Chinese aviation industry will use equipment and knowledge production of military aircraft involved in civil aircraft production.

For example, when China bought Airbus from Europe, it also asked Airbus to part of the components and assembly production in china. At the same time, China is also with the world - the leading helicopter manufacturer Eurocopter joint development of medium-sized helicopters EC175. We can easily guess that China's military industry will continue its modernization process in the future.

Said Professor Chinese famous military commentator Zhang Zhaozhong: floating carrier was first proposed by the United States construction, then Canada and Japan has made this concept of floating aircraft carrier, it fixed large semi submersible floating offshore airport is built in the sea.

It is reported that the specific design principle China 500 thousand ton floating carrier comprising 6 independent modular splicing, the flight deck is 5 times the size of Liaoning ship, more than and 500 aircraft can be docked to the third generation of China most mainstream naval fighter.

This can be used as a floating island carrier ship, aircraft or marine advanced base operations and maintenance base, because of its large runway, so we do not need complex and prone to bad catapults, even Chinese shipped -20 large transport aircraft, took off very safe.

Read the article you can get it, though a Chinese began to encounter a setback, but never give up, there has been a steady development, Chinese disposition with stability, and the stability is to create today's success.



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